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Accounting in your company

Accountants can help you save money and increase profitability by analysing expenses and looking at possible improvements in cash flow management, reducing debts, negotiating with suppliers, cost control, forecasting, maximising pricing, planning for profit, and better reporting of information to facilitate better decision-making.

Our Company

Avenue Tax and Audit Associates incorporated in 2018, is a fast-growing professional services company based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Kenya (ICPAK), holding the relevant practicing certificate of auditing in Kenya. We offer a variety of professional services to our clients and we adapt to their requirements and needs. We become part of your business. Our main Concern is your Business always. Our knowledgeable, experienced and professional people are working for you and their objective is to achieve the best for you. Through our close relationship and the high-quality services offered, your objectives, strategy, mission and vision are achieved.

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Proper accounts provide you with important financial information on the profitability and financial health of the business enterprises and thus allow you to concentrate on your core functions.

External audit is an independent, unbiased review of business financial records. External auditors play a critical role in validating company financial information. Accounting is the primary tool for recording, reporting and analyzing financial information.

Most organizations require capital for business growth and expansion, these funds are mostly sourced from banks. At Avenue Associates we help a firm to analyze and arrange its financial statements or records as per the standard requirements of the lender as guided by the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our Promise

Trust and accuracy is our backbone. 


We are intentional to empower our clients to ensure they have the best of us. We are keen to share growth opportunities as soon as we stumble upon them. 


Transparency is highly regarded at Avenue Tax & Audit Associates. It is our binding base with our growing list of clientele. 


We foster progressive partnerships with like-minded persons and organizations. We believe in togetherness while making sure we are a part of the right people. 


We are a growth oriented company and the growth for our clientele is paramount, Hence, we ensure that our services are primarirly based on a growth curve. 

We help you grow your business.

Avenue Tax Audit Associates is a company based in Nairobi and whose services are available to every individual within and out of the country(diaspora).