Taxation & tax advisory

Includes managing taxpayer’s tax accounts both to help taxpayer mainly for tax planning.

Also guide the tax payer to file relevant taxes economically especially by following tax laws that will help the tax payer saves on taxes payable legally to avoid unnecessary spending to tax.

Guide the taxpayers in complying with tax laws and put them at per whenever they need to provide tax compliance in doing their businesses.

Tax agency

A tax agent is an authorized tax professional who is conversant with tax laws and authorized by revenue authority in a certain country to represent both taxpayers and government to implement smoothly tax laws.

Most KRA Authorized tax agents will help you in filing KRA tax returns, accounting and bookkeeping, Income tax returns filing, PAYE returns filling, Withholding tax returns, Rental income monthly returns, VAT monthly returns, applying and follow up of tax compliance certificates, follow up of remission of penalties and interest, pin numbers application as well as resolving tax disputes.


Tax disputes; we come in between the taxpayer and tax administrators, KRA to help resolve tax disputes that arises. Disputes normally arise whereby the revenue authority sets taxes payable for a certain period, an amount the taxpayer feels either exaggerated or can be mitigated by way of adding information or technical issues that might have arose that needs engaging the revenue authority in a professional way. The taxpayer will need an agent who is conversant with taxation to resolve the dispute.


Tax agent guiding codes:

  • As tax professionals, tax agents are well-acquainted with tax matters, you are ought to conduct your practice with utmost integrity and transparency.
  • You should provide tax advice within the jurisdictions of tax laws.
  • You are expected to be competent, act ethically and professionally in providing quality service and advice to their clients
  • You are responsible for submitting of returns and payments of taxes on behalf of a taxpayer.
  • As a tax agent you can contribute to the design of a more effective and business-friendly tax policies and procedures

Audit & assurance

This is providing an audit opinion, auditor's opinion is a formal statement made by an auditor concerning a client's financial statements.

They include bank loan negotiations audits, KRA audits among others.

NB: its illegal for a company/individual to keep two different sets accounts in any specific period in time.

Book keeping& Accountancy outsourcing

Companies might choose to outsource the accountancy. We come to maintain client’s books professionally and independently and allow the clients concentrate with doing normal operations. This includes promoting internal control systems that helps improve transparency and accountability in a firm and saves on unnecessary costs implications brought by incompetency of internal accounting systems.

Also it helps in providing an external view that describes the true picture of the business as whole.