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Filing your rental ,withholding and VAT returns on time is one way to align your tax records and tax planning. Let it be done by professionals

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Tax is a compulsory contribution and a liability to an organization. Tax in Kenya is guided by The Tax Procedures Act No.29.  A tax payer (With proper planning, an organization can minimize on tax liability.

At Avenue Tax and Audit Associates we assist organizations through:

  • Advising a taxpayer on various tax obligations and available tax incentives/reliefs.
  • Timely filing of taxes and advising a tax payer on various tax deadlines.
  • Updating the taxpayer on emerging tax policies and tax
  • Informing a taxpayer on tax allowable deductions thus lowering tax liabilities.
  • Avenue Associates are authorized tax agents by the Kenya Revenue Authority authorized to represent tax payers in all matters tax at all levels-E.g Tax Appeals Tribunal, Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) for tax matters.


Most organizations require capital for business growth and expansion, these funds are mostly sourced from banks. At Avenue Associates we help a firm to analyze and arrange its financial statements or records as per the standard requirements of the lender as guided by the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

To facilitate firms and organizations to secure facilities we prepare the following documents and statements:


Section 73(3) empowers the Commissioner to raise an Assessment where a taxpayer fails to submit a return which Assessment is loosely referred to as “Estimated Assessments”. Once an Assessment is issued, it can only be vacated or amended upon receipt of a valid objection and submission of a return. Avenue Tax And Audit Associates are an Authorized Tax Agents by The Kenya Revue Authority mandated to represent taxpayers who have been issued with tax assessments. To this end we undertake the below measures to ensure that all tax assessment matters are resolved conclusively and effectively:

Submission of proper and required documents


Negotiation & Correspondence-Lead an open dialogue.


Proper accounts provide you with important financial information on the profitability and financial health of the business enterprises and thus allow you to concentrate on your core functions. It provides information and data to the management to serve as guides in making decisions involving financial considerations.


Our accounting and bookkeeping team is qualified and competent to handle all your accounting and bookkeeping tasks in Kenya. We are prompt, efficient, easy to deal with and are keen to details. Our approach ensures accuracy in capturing and storing of financial information.

This includes:

  1. Review the financial reporting structure of the company in order to ensure timely and accurate reporting of financial information.
  2. Ensure the right accounting stationery is consistently used with a view of boosting accountability and internal control systems.
  3. Ensure posting of all financial transactions and preparation of supporting documents.
  4. Maintain accounting records as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAPS)
  5. Ensure that the bank reconciliations are done on time.
  6. Ensure management accounts are submitted on quarterly basis
  7. Make recommendations on the appropriate tax treatment on any expenditure. This will include but not limited to treatment of withholding tax, PAYE among others.
  8. Ensure preparation of audit file at end of the year and communication with external auditors, preparation of the draft replies to audit queries to be authorized by the management representative, to the extent that the queries relate to scope of services under this contract.
  9. Ensure filing and efficient management of monthly returns that includes VAT, PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, KEBS among others.


External audit is an independent, unbiased review of business financial records. External auditors play a critical role in validating company financial information. Accounting is the primary tool for recording, reporting and analyzing financial information. Business owners can use external audits to review their accounting process and financial information.


In Kenya, you can contract Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) to provide external

auditing and assurance services. Our Firm offers solutions in wide range of statutory audits and our audit team has developed a comprehensive base of knowledge to benefit our clients. The following are the benefits of external auditing;

  1. External Auditors opinion provides validity and assurance.
  2. Boost compliance with International Financial Reporting frameworks
  3. Educates business owners
  4. Identification of errors and frauds
  5. Boosts internal control effectiveness
  6. Acceptance of audited financial statements
  7. Limits legal and tax issues

Benefits of outsourcing accounting services

  1. Spend less time managing your books and thus dedicating more time on core business functions.
  2. Avoid cutting corners when you don’t really understand how to do bookkeeping properly.
  3. Access to professional accounting services without hiring accounting professionals on full time basis.
  4. Access to customized accounting services without necessarily investing in essential accounting and bookkeeping hardware and software systems.
  5. Total compliance with the increasingly complex statutory requirements, i.e. PAYE, VAT, NITA, NSSF, NHIF, KEBS deadlines, Tourism Fund among others. This will ensure that you will not have missed deadlines and ensure compliance with the evolving tax system in Kenya.
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